Flexible advertising system for vehicles

Media Carrier is a revolutionary advertising solution designed to offer businesses the flexibility and convenience they need to update their messaging quickly and easily. 

The system allows you to display high-quality advertisements on the sides of various vehicles, creating a mobile billboard that can reach a wide audience as the vehicle travels throughout the city.

Media Carrier Frame versus adhesive film

We designed the Media Carrier with the necessity of speed in mind – it is easy to fit, update and remove. It takes less than 30 minutes for one person to change a truck banner placed in the Media Carrier Frame system. Comparing the changeable Mesh or Vinyl banner ads with a traditional adhesive film ad you can change around 8-10 trucks at the same time it takes to remove and renew an adhesive film ad on one truck.

Easy to install and use the frame system - follow the steps below

The Media Carrier Frames can be easily installed by one person within 90 minutes.  The frames do not damage the vehicle as this is done without drilling and screws leaving no mark if removed later to be installed at another vehicle. The flexible system supplies the opportunity for changeable ads whenever needed.

Weatherproof and washable

One of the key features of Media Carrier is its durability and ease of maintenance. The system is designed to withstand harsh weather conditions and can easily be cleaned in a wash bay or similar facility, making it easy for businesses to support their advertising campaign and ensure that their messaging still is visible and intact.

Save time and money

By reducing the time and resources needed to update advertising campaigns, Media Carrier can help businesses increase their ROI and drive more revenue. And with its easy-to-clean design and range of customization options, Media Carrier is the ideal solution for businesses looking to maximize the impact of their advertising campaigns while minimizing maintenance costs.

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